6 simple tips that will protect your computer from Malware

Are you afraid of browsing in the web because of viruses? Here are some tips that you can follow to try to protect your computer and your data. INeedanAnswer experts can always give you further advice!

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 09.38.04

1. Antivirus

Invest in a very good, paid, reputable, anti-virus protection program. Don’t forget to keep it updated. Our experts can help you decide which antivirus is the best one according to your budget.

2. Legitimate Software

Don’t ever run a bootleg version of your software. Many computers are affected because of this issue. Always buy your software from a licensed retailer and check for updates.

3. Pop-up blocker 

The pop- up blocker will block potentially dangerous ads from appearing. It can work in many ways, such as closing the window before it appears, disabling the command, or altering the window’s source HTML. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge include pop-up blockers.

4. Leave websites that redirect you

If a website redirects you to another page without your consent, leave it immediately. In addition, don’t download or open anything from this website.

5. Don’t click on links from emails you don’t know

If you open your Gmail account you can see that some emails were directly received in your Spam. These were the emails considered fraudulent by your email provider. However, some of them are not recognized as spam and can cause you huge headaches. Therefore, delete unsolicited emails from unfamiliar sources and never open the attachments.

6. External drive

It’s important to always do a backup in order to protect your files from a malware. Pass all your files to an external drive or a remote storage service.


Did you forget to follow any of these steps and now your computer got attacked by a virus? You can always get in contact with us through our customer service phone (0203 936 8666) or by email ([email protected])





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