How to fix the most common phone problems

As you may already have noticed, at INeedanAnswer our main and only goal is to make your life easier. That’s why we created a list with the most common problems that an android user may have, and obviously, how to fix them.

1. Battery

If you are always taking pictures, talking to your friends or playing games on your phone,  you probably get in panic when you see that your phone is about to turn off because of low battery. If you go to the battery settings of your phone, you will find a list of the functionalities that are consuming battery. A simple and effective recommendation is to take the brightness of your screen instead of using auto-brightness. Some phones already come with an extra battery saving functionality. Moreover, there are many battery saver apps available.

2. Connectivity

Are you trying to connect to the wifi and it’s not working? Try putting your phone on airplane mode for 40 seconds and then trying again to connect.

3. Slow user interface

After using your phone for a while, you will probably have many apps, pictures, and folders that you probably not even know they exist. Send all of this information to the cloud or to a microSD card to make your phone faster. You should also delete app cache by going to Settings -> Apps -> Clear cache (of the app selected). On Google Play you can find some free apps that can do the service for you, such as Clean Master.

4. The app won’t download

The first step is to check if your Google Play app is upgraded. In case you already have the latest version, you should clean cache by going to Settings -> App management -> Google Play Store -> Clear Cache.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 16.27.12

5. Uknown purchases on Google Play

Do you let your kid plan games on your phone and end up facing an unexpected phone bill at the end of the month? That’s simple! INeedanAnswer experts recommend you to set up a fingerprint authentication.  Go to Google Play’s settings and tick the fingerprint authentication box for all purchases on your device.

Are you having other problems with your phone? Don’t hesitate, contact the experts from INeedanAnswer. Book an appointment and solve your issue on the same day!


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