Questions solved by INeedanAnswer experts

Our experts are ready to solve all of your issues regarding legal and tech topics. Below you will find a small sample of some questions made by our clients.

Tech questions answered

  • I forgot the password of my laptop.
  • My phone is not charging.
  • I forgot my iTunes password.
  • How do I reset my kindle?
  • I don’t remember my Apple ID and password.
  • My wifi is not working. How do I set it up?
  • Which laptop should I buy?

Legal questions answered

  • My flight got delayed. Can I receive money for the inconvenience?
  • I want help with my residential lease agreement.
  • Which documents do I need for my UK visa?
  • I need to know if my business is GDPR compliant.
  • I have some doubts regarding my employment contract.
  • I need help on my resignation letter.
  • Can I stay and work in the UK if I am not British?

If you want to meet our experts, check the post “How well do you know our experts” and don’t hesitate in contacting them through INeedanAnswer!



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