Best Antivirus Software And The Installation Process

Welcome to the Hi-tech world! Every gadget lover knows the importance of an antivirus software. However, if you are a first time computer user who may not be aware of the best antivirus software and how to install it, this article is made for you. Let’s explore a few best antivirus software and the installation process with the experts of Ineedananswer.

What is the AntiVirus Software?

Malware and viruses can harm your computer and destroy your files, this is where antivirus program plays a key role. It safeguards your computer from virus and also prevents spyware and adware including other forms of malicious programs. Whether you use Mac or PC, the antivirus program is useful for every operating system.

Most people like to choose free antivirus versions, but according to most experts, free antivirus versions do not have all the features. Therefore, they prefer paid versions. Let’s explore a few best antivirus software paid and free versions and how to install the best free antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free antivirus is most recommendable free software for your computer and Mac. It mainly focuses on protecting your operating system against threats, virus, from the junk emails, your local files, and other malware. It includes a heuristics engine and also consists of silent mode feature to hide alerts. It is easily accessible on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. If you want to know how to install it, here are the instructions.

  1. Open Avast’s website

 Type in your browser. Avast’s website will determine your computer’s operating system once it opens.



  • On the computer, you will see an orange button saying – DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS in the middle of the page. Once you click the button you will reach to the download page where Avast will select the correct file for your computer.
  • On Mac, you will see the button – “FREE DOWNLOAD“. After that click, the green “Download Now” button visible close to the top of the page.

Avast 2

  1. Wait for Avast to begin downloading

Approximately after five seconds, Avast’s setup file will download automatically onto your computer on the download page. In case the Avast download doesn’t start within 30 seconds or after you need to click the restart it here link in the center of the page to prompt it to download.

Avast 3

  1. Open the Avast setup file

Now you have to open a setup window. For this, you need to double-click the Avast EXE file (Windows) or the Avast DMG file (Mac). By default, you will find downloads in your computer’s “Downloads” folder.

Avast 4

  1. Follow the prompts to install Avast

  • On Windows: When “Yes” prompted, click on it. After that click the green “INSTALL” button, and then click “CONTINUE” twice once the installation is complete.
  • On Mac: First double-click the “Avast Security” box icon, after that click “Continue” twice, and then click “Agree” when it is prompted. Again click “Continue” and enter your admin password (only if it is prompted) after that click “Install Software”. Now you have to verify the installation before you could finish installing Avast.

Avast 5

  1. Open Avast

If Avast doesn’t open instantly after installing, you need to double-click its icon visible on the Windows desktop. Or you can click the Start menu then type Avast into Start, after that click the “Avast Free Antivirus” app icon.

On Mac, click a new Finder window, and go in the menu bar at the top and after that click Applications in the drop-down menu. In the end, double-click the “Avast” app.

Avast 6

  1. Click the Status tab

Click on the status tab, visible in the upper-left corner of the Avast window.

      On Mac, click on the Scan tab instead.

Avast 7


Now click this green button – Run Smart Scan in the middle of the Avast window. It will prompt Avast to start scanning your computer for malware, viruses, and other threats.

   On Mac, click Start button visible on the right of the “Full System Scan” heading.

Avast 8

  1. Wait for the scan to complete

The scan usually takes several minutes to several hours. If Avast finds any threats, it will remove them from your computer. Once the scan process is done, you can be assured that your computer is virus-free.

Avast 9

Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus

If you consider the ranking of big independent antivirus, you will find Bitdefender’s premium security products on the top of the list for window operating system. When it comes to virus detecting, it is more reliable and accurate. It contains features like web cleaning, alert to malicious sites, and safeguard browsers that keeps your shopping and online banking transactions secure.

Also, there’s a password manager which auto-completes the details of a credit card in online forms. Most experts recommend it because of its excellent anti-phishing module. It sends signals to users if any malicious links appear in your search engine and blocks access to dangerous sites.

The new 2019 version of Antivirus Plus learns the behavior of such threats with heuristic technique to keep you safe. It is also useful in scanning all your linked devices via the Bitdefender Central mobile app.

Norton AntiVirus Basic

Norton AntiVirus Basic is high-quality software that automatically prevents your PC from malware on its own. Most people prefer this antivirus because it is considered as one of the best value paid-for security software options in comparison to others available in the market.

Norton offers many twists, options, and settings for the users who need them, along with features including a handy URL blocker that alert you from using malicious websites. In case there is something missing, top quality file reputation service identifies suspect downloads immediately. And if malware still arises, this is where intelligent behavior monitoring uses its updated virus definitions to separate threats at the first sign of trouble.

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

Almost every antivirus tool claims to be ‘lightweight’, however Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is the actually one to really deliver on this front. Moreover, it consumes few seconds for Installation, RAM footprint is small, and there are no large signature updates to link your bandwidth. If you’re fed up of excessively complicated engines, you must consider Webroot. If you want to know how to install it, here are the instructions.

Bottom Line

So, this is all about the few best 2019 antivirus software for your PC or MAC book from the experts of Ineedananswer. If you have any query regarding the antivirus software, feel free to comment or get in touch with our experts.

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