5 Cool Apps You Must Add On Your Phone

Do you have a smartphone? Well, today almost every individual has a smartphone, but do you know what makes these smartphones ‘smart’? The answer is – ‘APPS’. Even today many individuals may not know what kind of apps they should have on their phone. Technology is evolving and many apps are being created to make life easier.

Let’s explore some free cool apps that the experts from INeedanAnswer recommend you to have on your phone.


The popular app MyFitnesspal is for those who want to change/improve their health and eating habits. MyFitnessPal app allows you to set diet goals and exercise as per your BMI (Body Mass Index). Moreover, this app has a huge database, allowing you to search every detail about the food you put in your body. Finally, you can count your calorie intake with a nifty recipe calculator and save pictures of your meals for a better visual control of what you are eating.

Get The Flight Out

Life is uncertain and sometimes, we need to book a last-minute flight to fly home for a family emergency or for any other reason. This is where Get The Flight Out (GTFO) allows you to type in an airport name and search the available upcoming flights to destinations across the world with the best prices. It will allow you to view all your options in one place quickly and easily.


Do you know what IFTTT app is all about? IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. This app allows you to set up alerts for different events. Suppose you want an update of local weather forecast every morning at 6:00 a.m. in case it rains during the day. You can easily select this option and get a message from IFTTT telling you to take your umbrella. The best thing about this app is that it’s very easy to set up.

I need an answer

Google Assistant

Google Assistant allows users to navigate, communicate, and get a lot of things done with ease. You can access the Google assistant to activate apps, ask any questions, play games, and much more. It also features more than 30 super useful voice commands.

Every smartphone allows you to access this app. On some devices, the user can even unlock the screen with the Google voice feature. And those who use Google services like Chrome, Search etc., will get modified results upon a search. Google has recently introduced a lot of features in Google Assistant app.

Google Duo

 If you are seeking the best video calling apps, Google Duo is one of the best options for you with a simple interface. It is considered as one of the most popular apps and you can install it on both Android and iOS. Anyone can easily log in to this app and make instant video calls just by verifying the phone number.

It also has a unique feature which allows you to have a live showing of the caller before you actually receive the call. User can leave video messages to the other person even if he is not available at the moment.

Bottom line

According to the experts of INeedanAnswer, these are few cool apps that every smartphone owner must install.

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