Transform Your Computer From Sluggish to Super Fast!

From time to time we all suspect that our computer is running a little slower than what we’re used to. Sometimes we brush the thought aside and put it down to a new update, or something else that will work itself out before returning our computer to its usual speed. However, we sometimes conclude that things are not getting any better at all and something needs to be done, urgently!

computer faster

But what can you do when your computer already has as much RAM as it can handle, and you can’t afford to change any other components? Perhaps yours is a relatively new computer and it should be running perfectly well without any more RAM, or a better processor. Well, run through the list of handy hints we have compiled below and see if your computer starts working any better.

1. 15% of your hard disk should be free

The rule is that at least 15% of your hard disk space should be free. If it isn’t, get rid of some programs and large files. Photos and videos use up a lot of space on your hard disk. Far better to store them elsewhere, like on an external hard drive. If you’ve checked and there is plenty of room, the issue may lie elsewhere.

2. Cut back on desktop items

Do you have a lot of files and shortcuts strewn across your desktop? Put them away into folders to cut down on the amount of RAM your computer is using. Putting them into folders means that your RAM is being used to load a few folders, instead of a few dozen icons.

3. Browser tabs

For many of us using multiple tabs on our internet browsers is a necessity that was previously met by having loads of browser windows open. That used to drain computer resources, but tabs do the same. Cut down on the number of tabs you have open and your computer should speed up.

4. Unused programs

Everyone has programs on their computer that they never use. Could be that a friend suggested it, but you’ve never used it. Get rid of it if you’re not using it as it’s only a blight on computer’s resources.

5. Launch on start up?

Many programs offer the option of launching themselves when the computer starts up. This is often an unnecessary waste of your computer’s RAM as it struggles to open up programs and processes that it really needs. If you’re in doubt about how to do this, book an appointment with an INeedanAnswer’s experts and they’ll walk you through it.

6. Software Updates

This is a big one. The companies that make the software that your computer uses are always bringing out updates. These aren’t necessarily things that you need to pay for. They are often updates to make the program more efficient and improve security. Download and install the updates for all your programs and you should see a vast improvement.

If you’re still experiencing problems, or want an expert to offer their advice, use INeedanAnswer to get your computer some professional attention at an affordable rate. Book an appointment and one of INAA’s experts will surely offer you some answers.

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