Transform Your Computer From Sluggish to Super Fast!

From time to time we all suspect that our computer is running a little slower than what we’re used to. Sometimes we brush the thought aside and put it down to a new update, or something else that will work itself out before returning our computer to its usual speed. However, we sometimes conclude that things are not getting any better at all and something needs to be done, urgently!

computer faster

But what can you do when your computer already has as much RAM as it can handle, and you can’t afford to change any other components? Perhaps yours is a relatively new computer and it should be running perfectly well without any more RAM, or a better processor. Well, run through the list of handy hints we have compiled below and see if your computer starts working any better. Continue reading “Transform Your Computer From Sluggish to Super Fast!”

Are You a Victim of a Data Breach?

We’re always hearing about data breaches at companies both large and small, old and new, but how does a data breach occur, and how do you know if you’ve fallen victim to one?

data breach

A data breach is said to have happened when a cybercriminal accesses sensitive information, either as a result of physically obtaining the information at a computer or remote access. It’s usually in breaching network security that a cybercriminal gains access to sensitive information.

A cybercriminal would start by identifying weak spots in the security protocols of a company, or organisation. This weak spot could be a network, or system with inadequate security, or it could even be a person, vulnerable to coercion. Subsequently, the cybercriminal would make their move on the company, or organisation, by launching either a network or a social attack. Continue reading “Are You a Victim of a Data Breach?”

Recovering Deleted Photos On Your iPhone

We’ve all been there, deleted photos from an iPhone by accident and kicked ourselves for being so careless. If only there was some way to get those images back. Well, luckily there is, and the experts from INeedanAnswer are going to spill the beans on how you can conjure up those pics that you thought you had lost forever.

If you’re searching for a way to recover your photos from your iPhone you’ll be pleased to read that there are no less than 3 different methods you can try. Continue reading “Recovering Deleted Photos On Your iPhone”

5 Cool Apps You Must Add On Your Phone

5 Cool Apps You Must Add On Your Phone

Do you have a smartphone? Well, today almost every individual has a smartphone, but do you know what makes these smartphones ‘smart’? The answer is – ‘APPS’. Even today many individuals may not know what kind of apps they should have on their phone. Technology is evolving and many apps are being created to make life easier. Continue reading “5 Cool Apps You Must Add On Your Phone”