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We all know that it is not uncommon to have IT issues. Everybody owns something that is susceptible to an IT problem at one point or another. In fact, if you are reading this, you are using a computer of some sort and it is entirely probable that you’ve had IT issues and have needed help before.

Perhaps you had to wait in line on the phone to customer service for an hour before you finally got to answer your question. Even then, maybe they didn’t have the answer and had to refer you to a different department. Yeah, we’ve all had that kind of headache before. In this modern day of instant answers, it seems wholly unsatisfactory to have to go through what seems like such an archaic way of doing things. Doesn’t that seem like last century’s way of doing things? Surely helplines should have gone the way of legwarmers and dial-up internet?

IT Language

Of course, if you’re having problems, usually the first thing you try is switching your device off and on again, and when that doesn’t work you might try to ask someone you think knows a little about tech. Perhaps a friend, or let your kids try to work it out. Any of this sound familiar? Maybe you end up hitting the search engines and combing through the tech forums looking for an answer. Yeah, that’s also a possibility, but doesn’t it all sound very time consuming? Plus, can you really trust the answers you’re finding there? Answers from strangers whose qualifications you can’t verify, you just have to take their word for it that they’ve come across the problem before and they have a super easy fix, all you have to do is download this one file… before you know if you could have more problems that you’d started out with.

Instead, let’s get some advice and helpful insight from a professional. Our hold our experts responsible for giving you the knowledge you need to get your device up and running again. Rather than another user who has encountered the same issue as you on a similar device the people answering your question through our platform are IT experts, professionals who know the underlying software inside out. If IT jargon often leaves you bemused and at a loss, you can trust our experts to walk you through the steps necessary to get your device up to speed again.


No matter what your issue, why not throw the question at us and get some professional assistance quickly. Our professionals are equipped to consult on a variety of devices and IT equipment, not just smartphones and tablets. Not only are they ready to talk you through what you need to do but they’ll do it in your language, not some technobabble that will leave you scratching your head with more questions.

Whether we like it or not IT is not only here to stay but it is also fast moving and it’s impossible to stay completely up to date with all the latest advances. It’s not a bad thing to ask for help, especially when you have an army of well-informed professionals ready to share their expertise and help you out when you’re in a pickle.

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How well do you know our experts?


Whether an individual is seeking a legal advice or any other professional advice, experts in a particular profession are the key. At times it becomes difficult to search for the expert or sometimes it takes a long time to find someone who can resolve your query. Indeed. What if you find someone who can resolve all your queries without much effort? Well, INeedanAnswer is the online platform where you will find experts from almost every field who are waiting to resolve your queries in no time. They are professionally qualified who are willing to guide you and help you.

Hold on! Before you jump out of your bed, let us tell you that there is no such thing as free lunch. Therefore, you have to pay for the services you take from the experts. However, if you are getting the quality service at the best price, then it truly worth your money and time.

Let’s explore a few experts who are available to answer your queries.


Stacey K., Lawyer

For the last 20 years, Stacey has been practicing law and expert in a wide range of areas including business, real estate, and tax laws. She always wanted to help people and this is why she was associated with INeedanAnswer three years ago to offer affordable law advice to society. Whether an individual is an entrepreneur or serving in any industry, at one point, everyone needs legal advice. Many lawyers in the industry charge a huge amount for the advice and guidance. This is where a platform like INeedanAnswer plays a key role. They make easy for you to connect with the professionals and you can take the advice from them at a reasonable price. So if you are seeking any legal advice, approach the expert on INeedanAnswer and get all your answers effortlessly.


Ben L., Computer technician

Ben possesses more than 10 years’ of experience as a computer technician. As an IT expert, he possesses great knowledge in computer, office equipment repair, and software. Therefore, every new challenge in IT sector makes him curious and excited every single time. In the era of technology, we need help and advice at every stage in order to grow in the industry. And this is where we need experts help and guidance. Indeed. So, if you are facing any technology related issue, you can consult Ben with a single click. Don’t think much and get in touch with the expert today.

Final Words

The motto of the team of INeedanAnswer is to make every client satisfied with the service provided. By providing the personalized results to your needs, all your goals can be achieved in no time. So, why not come and talk to us? We can undertake all those aspects of your requirement that give you the desired result every single time. Whether you need a legal advice or new technology related information, the experts are waiting to resolve all your queries and doubts.

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